Welcome to the FAIR website archive

Although the FAIR website is no longer active, you can still browse a very comprehensive and usable archive at the WayBack Machine: it is almost like being on the original site.

Why is this archive important? With almost 4,000 pages of content, catalogued and indexed, the original site was heavily used by whistleblowers, journalists, lawyers, lawmakers and the public. By 2014 traffic had exceeded 12,000 visits per month, and the site had more than 800,000 page views during its life. It was also discussed on national television where it was described as "the most dangerous website in Ottawa". Many people still need and want access to this content.

This Gateway Page

This 'gateway' page, provided by David Hutton, enables those searching for the original FAIR website to find the WayBack Machine archive.

The FAIR website was conceived, developed and maintained by Hutton for nine years – from April 2006 until May 2015 – and was hosted on his personal servers during this time. Unfortunately, FAIR's ownership of the original domain (fairwhistleblower.ca) was subsequently allowed to lapse and it was lost to a new owner who now uses it for commercial purposes.

The WayBack Machine

Being an archive, the WayBack Machine has some limitations:
- all pages in the archive are snapshots from the past
- many pages have not been archived
- there are often many versions of a page, from different dates
- some features of the original site won't work (e.g. searches).

Nevertheless, it is a unique and invaluable resource.

David W. Hutton

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